Last week, The Mechanic and I almost moved. Well, to be more specific, we almost signed on a new lease that would have required us to move within two weeks. Two weeks – with an out-of-town Thanksgiving weekend in between. No problem <panic panic panic>, we got this…

And then we didn’t.

We love our location, walking distance to to Metro stations, a ton of restaurants, and a mall that leaves something to be desired yet still provides the basics. We also love the green space that is at least 50% of our apartment complex – even just seeing giant older trees and huge lawns available to all the residents makes me feel relaxed. However, we’d really like more space. Specifically, we’d really like space for our bicycle fleet, 8-strong at the moment.

I know not everyone loves them, but I adore seeing wild rabbits all around our apartment.

I know not everyone loves them, but I adore seeing wild rabbits all around our apartment.

So we’ve been discussing options. I really don’t want to leave, but The Mechanic wants more space – I do too, but right here, in the same spot. So when our apartment complex management sent out an email saying that 2- and 3-bedroom townhouses were available, we jumped. The Mechanic looked first, and determined that the 3-bedroom (with basement!) was too big for us, but the 2-bedroom townhouse was a good option. So I looked at it the next day. We debated all the pros and cons: Pro- a patio!!! Not only would we have ground floor space to enjoy aforementioned green space, we could get the bikes in and out more easily than hauling them up the stairs, as we currently do. Having a townhouse feels more grown up than an apartment, especially to two adults with a home-ownership phobia. Cons – It’s more space but less space, simultaneously. The rooms are smaller, and there are fewer closets. Who designs living spaces without closets?!

We decided that we would sign a new lease anyway, even though it meant we’d have almost no time to pack, as we’d need to move in right away (empty townhouse). So Saturday we went by the office to see if we could measure before we signed. Good thing we did – the neighbor’s dog barked THE ENTIRE TIME we were in the townhouse, maybe 30 minutes. Oh hell no. We told the management people why we decided against signing the lease, although we didn’t get much feedback about that. I wonder what conversations they had after we left.

So, excitement, future stress, then nothing. I felt deflated, and a bit relieved. This does mean a more relaxed December. But since we had already started the pre-move purge process, we went ahead and finished, then spent the rest of Saturday dropping stuff off at Goodwill, then going to Target, Home Depot, JoAnn Fabrics, Sears, and the pet store. Good to knock out some errands while working off moving adrenaline, I guess.

My half of the purge pile...

My half of the purge pile…

But since my mind was already full of ways we could refine our decor, I can’t really stop. I really want to hit IKEA and see what we can find. However, we haven’t decided if we will stay or not, so I guess I can’t plan anything until I know where we’ll be. At least, however, we will be able to decorate for Christmas and enjoy a “normal” (yet busy) holiday season, without the added stress of moving, packing and unpacking. I can’t imagine.

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