Between Thanksgiving travels, that holiday time of year (aka, getting Christmas packages ready to mail off soon because most of your giftees live in other states), getting sick, and everything else that goes on in life, I’ve been struggling to fit in everything that I *want* to do, including blogging and sewing. And we’ve had some pretty nice weekends of late, but I haven’t been able to get any non-errand bike riding in. At least I can enjoy the errands!

So I was pretty happy to squeeze in a few hours of sewing this afternoon. (Who needs a clean bathroom, right?) I am very behind in my fall sewing list, which is being adjusted for a winter sewing list (oh, and I’ve decided to make a winter coat, too), and I hate having projects sit and stare at me – two are behind me as I type and I can see another two across the sewing table…. All I managed to achieve today was to set in sleeves in the Simplicity 1779 blouse that I’m making out of whimsical Liberty of London cotton lawn and reflective material. I decided to try making them French seamed, something I’ve never done before. They turned out okay, I think, but trying to walk my Dayquil-infused brain through the logistics was more challenging than it should have been. But, hey! One step closer to done! I’m going to LOVE this when it’s done. Bow Blouse 2 Bow Blouse 3However….

Fit problems.

The sleeves are too damn short! Bow Blouse 1Gah.

I think the problem is not so much the sleeve length as the shoulder placement. The seam line hits my shoulder pretty far from my actual shoulder point. I’m kind of broad shouldered, but I haven’t decided the best way to A) determine the true measurement and B) make alterations based upon that measurement. I do know that if the sleeve started where I think it should, the sleeves wouldn’t be so short. They might still be too short, but at least it wouldn’t be so obvious.

Pretty sure the seam should be further away from my neck, towards my shoulder...

Pretty sure the seam should be further away from my neck, towards my shoulder…

This is really a springtime blouse, considering the colors and the fun “floral” print, so having bracelet sleeves will be just fine. And I’ll wear it regardless, because the print makes me so happy! I mean, who can resist birds, mice and frogs running across one’s clothing?!

(But I still really need want a sewing tutor here in Arlington….)

3 thoughts on “Struggles with Pattern Fit (Among Other Things)

  1. I agree with guerillagarms; no one will notice, and if you can rock the bracelet sleeves, go for it. Love the fabric and am constantly impressed with how you manage to put reflective details into almost everything. As for sewing and what-not, if I didn’t have to make a living, I’d have a lot more time to make things. I’ve amended my winter sewing to two major dresses with the hopes that I’ll have time for more. I’d also love to finally learn how to make things fit to my body; part of it for me, however, is being impatient to get the project done.

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