Balmy, warm and rainy weather is not the way the Washington, DC, Metro area normally celebrates the week of Christmas – 73*F with thunderstorms is far above normal. It’s hard to feel seasonal and get in the Christmas mood while digging out some summer dresses and covering them with my Cleverhood. I bought new Christmas PJs (yes, I broke down and bought them at Target for $10, when I could have a made them myself), but don’t think I’ll be wearing the long sleeve t-shirt for a while! My mom’s newly-arrived socks coordinate nicely. Christmas PJsNevertheless, it’s Christmas Eve! All the presents are wrapped, shipped, sorted and waiting to be opened. My mother knit The Mechanic and I some wonderful Christmas stockings, which arrived full of presents! Even Edgar got a tiny stocking complete with present. Time to retire my old stockings. StockingsChristmas Stockings

I finally got around to making a tree skirt for our tree. I picked the fabric last year, but now I don’t really like it. I guess I can make a new one next year. But it gives my childhood Hallmark figurines a nice place to sit. Tree SkirtChristmas Tree Skirt I decided to cook Christmas Eve dinner, since we will have Christmas dinner with The Mechanic’s family in Maryland. I’m going to attempt a vegetable Wellington, with mashed sweet potatoes and roasted Brussel sprouts. For someone who doesn’t like to cook, this is a big deal. Wish me luck!

I wish you a happy, peaceful, full of love weekend! May your Christmas celebrations be magical and your time special and meaningful. Christmas Tree


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