The ground is covered in ugly snow, but The Mechanic and I are looking ahead to spring and getting ready to sell our road bikes.

Time to part ways, old friend

Time to part ways, old friend

I am sad to let this bike go, but thinking about it’s replacement, a folding bike of some kind, also means thinking about warmer weather, and all the potential trips we’ll be taking with folding bikes. And that always brings me back to our wonderful honeymoon bike tour. I really can’t wait to do another trip like that! I frequently find myself on the website, longingly reading itineraries and gazing at romantic destination photos. There’s the Danube Bike Path: Vienna to Budapest tour; the Passau to Budapest tour; the Magic of Croatia tour; anything in the Netherlands; anything in Germany; and some lovely tours in England, such as the Shakespeare’s Country tour….. the list goes on and on. Sometimes I look for short, inexpensive trips we could do easily, just fly in, bike around, and fly home. No need to make it into a huge trip! But then I get hung up on the cost of airfare. Sigh.

The route for the Shakespeare's Country bike tour (image from

The route for the Shakespeare’s Country bike tour (image from

I have to dream about bike tours through European countryside, full of fragrant flowers and trees, with small pubs and cafes dotting our path, and a warm, gentle breeze guiding our way. It’s not very pretty around here these days. Despite the (somewhat alarming) warming temperatures, there is enough ugly snow piled up to last at least another week, if not longer.

This is the time when we should be flying to some tropical island, the way most normal snow weary people do, but no, we are counting down the weeks to our trip to Iceland! Yes, that’s right – we yet again travel someplace cold and dark while the weather at home is… cold and dark. But we are aiming for the end of the Northern Lights season, so if we see those, the trip will be worth it! I’m sure we’ll have a fantastic time either way – a new country is always fun to explore, regardless of the weather.

Regarding United States traveling, though, we are contemplating visiting The Mechanic’s father later this spring. He lives near the Missouri-Arkansas border, an area I am not familiar with. Because we are considering folding bikes, I discovered that Bentonville, AR, has almost 20 miles of bike trails, the Bentonville Trail System. Seems like the perfect place to putter around on folding bikes – not so challenging that we’d want something sportier – and new scenery. Technically speaking, we’ve been to Bentonville before, but it was right before Christmas a few years ago and miserably cold. Returning during the aforementioned warmer temperatures, with fragrant flowers and trees, and warm breezes, is what makes this seem so appealing. And how fun to bike in a new state! I feel like folding bikes opens up a world of bike travel.

Visiting when it is not cold and rainy sounds wonderful!

Visiting when it is not cold and rainy sounds wonderful!

Are you planning bike trips for 2016? Where will you go, and will you take your own bike?

Just a beautiful sunset on January 31, 2016

Just a beautiful sunset on January 31, 2016


7 thoughts on “Snow-covered Summer Dreams

  1. Firstly, I don’t know if I’ve already waxed poetic to you about my Brompton. Yes, it’s an investment, but I am totally in love with it. I had a Dahon before, which was sufficient, but the Brompton is in a class by itself, and I feel good about it’s fabrication.

    As for touring, you might want to consider Quebec since the US dollar is so strong (says US-expat living in Canada), and they have over 5,000 kilometers of bike trails (google Le Route Verte). My dad and I biked from New Orleans to Hamilton, ON in 2013. The Natchez Trace was a great place to ride (for the most part), and the bike trails in Ohio are great and extensive.

  2. It’s always hard to say goodbye to a bike. We can become quite attached to them, can’t we. Sometimes they can feel like an old friend. Having folding bikes will be fun and they are so useful with storage and public transport. I have friends in Melbourne who bought Bromptons last year and love them, so much so that they have formed the Melbourne Brompton Club. I’m hoping to do the change from a road bike to a folding bike one day too. Wow, that snow is such a contrast to my 40C, 85% humidity summer day here! 🙂

    • I’m occasionally confused on Instagram to see summer photos in Australian accounts! But your winters are milder than ours, aren’t they?

      Seems like everyone with Bromptons fall in love hard! Maybe I can find a used one close to my price range. That is, if anyone would ever part with theirs!

      • Yes, our winters are very mild in Brisbane. We may get frosts in parts but the maximum temperatures are usually over 20C. It’s a perfect season for walking. Yes, Bromptons are quite expensive and as you say it may be difficult to find someone who can bear to part with one! 🙂

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