I own three bicycles. I love Capital Bikeshare.

Thursday evening, I came home on the Metro, where I found the Capital Bikeshare 2015 #busybike. I don’t normally bike from the Metro station home, because it’s not that far, and I still have to walk from the bikeshare dock to my front door. But how could I not ride the #busybike?! Busy BikeIt’s so easy and freeing! No need to worry about a lock, a helmet*, bike lights, my clear glasses that I wear as protection, nothing – just me and a simple, sturdy red bike. It’s such a lovely feeling to push the bike in the dock, hear the locking beep, and walk away. Grab, bike, return. All things should be this simple. What’s not to love?!



*I prefer to wear a helmet because it makes me feel safer, but sometimes, I just don’t have one with me. This time I was riding less than a mile through neighborhood streets.

2 thoughts on “An Ode to Bikeshare

  1. I love the idea of bikeshare. We’ve had a system in Brisbane for a number of years but it’s not worked so well, partly due to our helmet laws and also due to the more complicated system of hiring one. It really discouraged spontaneous trips. I’d like to see it improved as I think it had great potential.

  2. My partner and I belong to our local bikeshare as well (SoBi – Social Bikes), and we own multiple bikes, too. We initially joined because we wanted to support a local bikeshare program, and we’ve ended up using it often. It’s great to be able to bike home when you didn’t expect to.

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