And it’s super cold again. This weekend’s high temperatures will hover around 20*F, making this Valentine’s Day the perfect time to snuggle in with your loved ones. The Mechanic and I have dinner reservations that will require a chilly walk to and from the closest Metro station. It’s hard to look as glamourous as I’d like when the weather is so cold!

"Feels like 9"

“Feels like 9”

There’s really nothing that can be done for these temperatures, so the best I can hope for next year is perhaps a new down coat. My current one is beginning to show it’s age – the pockets are permanently grungy, the down is escaping through a lost snap hole, and the down has flattened in the back where I sit on it, which means it’s now long enough to get caught on my bike saddle every time I try to dismount. Awkward.

As I consider new winter coats, Butterick came to my rescue a while back, and an idea has been bubbling over for weeks. I want to make a new “dressy” winter coat for next winter, one I can add reflective trim to! It sounds so easy, according to the McCalls Pattern Company blog. Of course, I pick a complicated pattern, and know that any project I start never goes as easily as planned… But I simply adore this Butterick 6292 coat (Version C), and really want to make it. If I start over the summer, I can work on it slowly, and maybe it will be ready by October or November.

Butterick 6292 (Version C)

Butterick 6292 Version C

Butterick 6292 Version C

Butterick 6292 Version C

For some reason, I am obsessed with collarless coats at the moment. I really love turtlenecks and scarves warped warmly around my neck, and as much as I love the tall, embroidered collar of my current winter dress coat, I think I want something without a collar next. And look at all those seamlines! Yes, I see potential for reflective bias or piping in each seam. That means this coat will help illuminate me while I’m walking or biking. Yay!

I definitely plan on making this coat blue. Blue is my favorite color and light blue especially makes me happy and relaxed. Plus, I found evidence of light blue coats in fashion magazines this winter, which definitely inspired me. Two Blue CoatsI don’t think, however, that I want my coat to be *that* pale. I’m afraid it will show grime too fast. But I do want it light enough that I will not blend in completely to the dark streets if I walk home – I love my current wool coat but despite the reflective detailing I added, it’s still a black coat. My down coat is red and I feel very visible in it, but I don’t want a nice wool dress coat red. I did find this lovely teal wool on The Season Wool Collection Wool Melton TealI’ll need to order a swatch, both to see the color in person, and feel how scratchy it is. Even with linings, wool clothing itches me too much. #delicate

I discovered some tricks about winter coats in the McCalls blog – flannel backed satin lining and Thinsulate interlining. Huzzah! I can make it extra warm for always-cold me! This means I can hopefully get more wear out of this coat, maybe warm enough to survive winter holidays without wearing multiple layers over my fancy dress.

I am excited by this challenge, but glad that I decided this will be a summer project. The cost of the fabrics alone means it will take time to collect everything. In addition, I want to perfect my pattern fit game before I cut into expensive wool. A coat has to fit right, or I will be very upset! So stay tuned until… October… when I hopefully have something to share!

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