The Mechanic and I had a fun Valentine’s Day, but did nothing involving bicycles! That doesn’t mean, however, that I was not thinking about bicycles – quite the opposite. I’ve been thinking about ways to show my bicycle some love and get inspired for warmer Spring weather. The groundhog said an early spring, so I need to make my plans now.

Bicycle Sweet Treats

At the beginning of the year, I stopped eating sweets. No chocolate, no cookies, no cupcakes, none of my favorite M&Ms, not even weekend pancakes and maple syrup! I am saving my sweet treats for special occasions, such as a friend’s baby shower in January and Valentine’s Day; I can’t imagine life without ever having dessert again! But that doesn’t mean I can’t have sweets in my life – I want to get a new set of valve caps from Bike Belle. My current set has lost one of the gingerbread cookies. I’m eyeing the cupcake ones – which do you like better, the orange cupcake or the green? I’m partial to the orange – look at all that frosting!

Even More Reflective!

Really, I am powerless in the face of anything reflective. It’s really really hard to resist ordering the cool new Terry Bicycle Butterfly Galactic saddle – it is blue, has constellations on it, and they are *reflective*!!! This would look so sweet on my bike! The only thing stopping me from forking out $120 for it is the fact that I’ve used a Terry Butterfly saddle before and found it uncomfortable. And I really can’t sacrifice comfort for style. So if you are one of the lucky women to end up with this saddle, any drool you see on it will be mine, as I covet up close.



Speaking of reflective, I’ve long lusted after the Michaux Club handlebar tape that is black leather and *reflective*. I know it’s made in England and all that good stuff, but I can’t justify the price, especially when The Mechanic gave me cool leather handlebar covers a few years ago.

Spring Flowers

An early spring means early flowers, right? And I’m never one to shy away from anything floral. So while we endure another snow storm, I’m already eyeing some fun floral options.

Terry Bicycles surprised me, actually. I don’t normally like their clothing because the sporty stuff is sportier than I bike (but pretty, if I did), and the casual stuff is always covered in bicycles, and I just don’t wear much bicycle-print stuff. However, in the new spring lineup, there is a cute pair of floral print shorts that I really like. From German company Maloja (no wonder I like it, haha!), Terry brings us the Maloja Joyce Shorts in “nightfall multi.” These would be cute for all the mountain biking I want to do this summer… I also like Maloja’s Dove Freeride Tee Shirt, but now that I’ve discovered Spoonflower and it’s range of performance knits, I can’t see myself buying another moisture-wicking tee shirt, ever.

Maloja Joyce Bicycle Shorts (Image from Terry Bicycles website)

Maloja Joyce Bicycle Shorts (Image from Terry Bicycles website)

Bicycle Vacations Together

I keep thinking about the bike honeymoon that The Mechanic and I went on, and how much I want to do another! So many options, however, it would be hard to pick. Instead, I spend hours on the TripSite website, sighing over the seemingly endless list of trips. Berlin to Copenhagen? Maybe a bike and boat trip through France! Bicycle touring with the one you love must be the best way to vacation. A delayed, aka warmer, Valentine’s Day trip is okay, right?!

The Bordeaux Bike & Barge Tour from TripSite - such a lovely and romantic trip this would be!

The Bordeaux Bike & Barge Tour from TripSite – such a lovely and romantic trip this would be! (Map from TripSite website)

What sort of bicycle love do you have planned for this spring? Or what did you do for Valentine’s Day?


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