Being recently introduced to Spoonflower, a fantasticlly fun and addictive website with millions of independent graphic designers’ designs and a range of fabric options for digital printing, meant also being introduced to Sprout Patterns. Sister website to Spoonflower, Sprout Patterns takes digital fabric printing one more step and prints the pattern pieces directly onto the fabric you choose. What?!?!? This is So. Cool.

I decided to test it out on a gift for a friend. (Hopefully she has it by now so this doesn’t ruin the surprise!) I have wanted the Grainline Studios Lark Tee pattern, so this seemed like a good way to get it. In the “Create your own” section of the Sprout Lark Tee page, I decided to make a traditional tee shirt style, but you could choose from long sleeves, short sleeves, scoop neck, and so on. After you pick the style you want, you pick your fabric (from a selection of appropriate fabrics) and print from the Spoonflower catalog. You get this cool 3-D model of what your finished project should look like, as well as how the pieces will be printed on the fabric. There are endless combinations! This was so much fun.

An example of how Sprout Patterns works

An example of how Sprout Patterns works

So I picked a print, ordered (note: this is kinda pricey), and waited for the fabric to arrive.

One giant piece of fabric with the pattern pieces printed right on it!

One giant piece of fabric with the pattern pieces printed right on it!

Sprout 1 Sprout 4I had been concerned about pattern direction, because the 2-D and 3-D models on the website didn’t show pattern pieces and print patterns laid out properly, but of course, it came with the directions and pattern pieces as they should be. Of course – this digital stuff is super fancy!

The Lark pattern was easy to follow, and the modern jersey fabric I chose was lovely to sew. I’m quite pleased with the way the shirt came out – I hope my friend loves it as much! Sprout 5I’m pretty sure I’ll be doing more of these in the future! A bonus was that all the pattern pieces were available to download after I ordered the fabric print, so I can now make as many Lark Tees as I want! The Sprout Pattern option is really great, and I love that I can get the performance pique as an option, perfect for steamy summer biking. It isn’t cheap to go this route, so I’m not sure how often I will do it. However, I love the concept, and I’m just lazy enough that not having to cut out pattern pieces is a dream to me. It does mean not being able to adjust the pattern, though.

Regardless, I’m pretty hooked on this whole concept! Sprout 3

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