The Mechanic thinks its weird that my bicycles all have personalities. I can’t help it, a name and a theme always cry out for a personality. Maybe I worked in theater too long – “What’s my motivation?!” And now with a new bike and a new name, I need to start finding it a new personality.Amsel

First of all, Amsel is matte black, which I really love for some reason, so the name was inspired by the color, the brand, Tern, and the fact that the bike it replaced was a matte black bike with a German name. Die Amsel is German for “black bird.” The “Die” makes it a feminine word (it’s a German language thing), I think I want to make this bike Goth (as Goth music and the subculture, not The Goths, as in the Visigoths, an ancient Germanic peoples. Although that would work too), Amsel might end up as a Goth girl.

Now, an important part of a bike’s personality is the accessories. They really make or break the persona. So Amsel will need some new things. First up, new valve caps. Originally I was thinking black skull valve caps, then found cute cherry ones, but those are too rockabilly. There’s always Paul Frank skull and crossbones ones and I kinda like these sugar skull ones too. The pink girly skulls were fun for my Pirate Girl-themed 40th birthday party, but not for a Goth girl folding bike. Then I found these awesome black rhinestone valve caps. Pricey but worth it! Sooo worth it. On the list.

As much as I love the front basket on Fauntleroy, I don’t want to add one to Amsel. That means I have space for a proper handlebar bag! So I pulled out bike bags I already own, including the Natril Gear bag I took on our honeymoon two years ago, the Electra Bicycles bag I got an an event last year, and my well-worn (read: beat up) GiveLoveCycle bag from years ago, and did fittings.

None of these bags really fit the Goth girl theme, but although I do like the Natril Gear bag anyway, and its surprisingly roomy. The GiveLoveCycle bag has a strap that can be used to loop through the rack but I don’t remember how exactly… You know what this means? Shopping!!! There are so many handlebar bag options, yet few that have a shoulder strap option or fit my taste. But there are some contenders.

The first place I looked was Po Campo. The now-classic handlebar bag is now something I can justify purchasing! I love the “Kinga” color but the classic black would make the most sense. The crossbody strap is a must, as is the reflective detail, of course. And I’ve always liked Detours bags, like the Rainier Handlebar Duffle. Other fun options include this innovative long bag from Etsy shop SNAKESninja; the Goodordering Handlebar bag;  and the Esperanza Workshop Kate bag (don’t forget, use code TINLIZZIE to get 10% off your purchases here!). How to decide?!

My wallet is pretty big (bottom right) so the bags need to be big enough for this plus more.

My wallet is pretty big (bottom right) so the bags need to be big enough for this plus more.

Funny how bike bags are not black leather and lace, or more like Bike Pretty’s bag. Guess I’ll have to keep looking! And isn’t that half the fun?!

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