At the beginning of May, I pledged to wear clothing I’ve made as many days as possible, and to evaluate gaps in my wardrobe. I’m pleased that I was able to achieve 24 days of me-made clothing! Well, technically, two of those days are sort of cheater days: one day I wore a skirt I made from a Patagonia dress I no longer cared for, and another day the only thing I wore that I’d made was my sun hat. But considering the days I had to wear my work polo or didn’t leave the house, or wore my fabulous Marimekko for Target palazzo pants, I’m pleased with how this personal challenge went. Take a look:

(Technically I wore the upcycled Patagonia skirt two days in May, and the Marimekko palazzo pants, and I also wore my Mccalls 6604 “Edna” blouse twice as well. I took all three pieces to New Orleans!)

I can’t say that I learned anything I didn’t already know – I need pants, and I am not good about making things that coordinate with anything else in my closet. I did decide I need some solid color cardigans, so I guess I’ll look around for some ideas (open to suggestions!).

Although I did keep my pledge to not buy any new clothes, I did buy some new accessories. I had been lusting after an Angela Roi purse for months, so I treated myself for my birthday (I think the prices have gone up since then!). Then I needed a new wallet, so I ordered a nice (RFID blocking) wallet from Snap In Charms, on Etsy. The Dansko Larissa sandals I ordered at the last minute for my trip to New Orleans fit perfectly out of the box, and didn’t give blisters the first-ever day I wore them in the Crescent City. In New Orleans, my love of hats got to me and I ended up with a cute straw cloche from Goorin Bros. I feel a bit like Daisy, the Downton Abbey kitchen maid, in it, but might upgrade the ribbon to make it a bit more Lady Mary. These items should all last me a really long time, so I don’t feel *too* bad about any of them!

I enjoyed the challenge so much that I’m pledging to do the same thing again in June. I still have a list of items I’ve made but haven’t worn! So I want to keep going. I have a few projects lined up that I need to finish this summer, but honestly, I think I want to start some cold weather garments now. It takes too long to get a usable, seasonable ensemble, so if I start now, maybe at least one of those cardigans will be made by next fall!

Sewing Projects List

Still more to check of this list!


4 thoughts on “My Me Made May Adventure

  1. I feel guilty since I haven’t worn all clothing in my closet.and that’s just 1 city. Having said that, I haven’t bought a garment in half a yr. Just cycling shoes and several prs. of socks.

    So keep at wearing your current clothing.

  2. So many beautifully made garments! Love that you participated in the challenge and shared with us. My favorites on on you are May 10th and May 5th. I am surprised you lack pants in your wardrobe and you look fantastic in the ones shown.

    • Thanks for your kind words! I end up wearing the same few pairs of pants with everything, it seems. Now that the weather is warmer and I can wear my fun summer tops, I’ll have to see how many times I repeat the same pairs. And then figure out how to copy them! : )

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