Here we are in mid-June and I feel as if my summer is over already! I have two more small-ish trips lined up, in addition to my recent trip to New Orleans and a quick weekend trip to Shenandoah National Park. Over the July Fourth weekend, The Mechanic and I will be visiting his father in Missouri, then I am going to a work conference in Portland, Oregon, at the beginning of August. Then it will be time for back to school, so just like that <poof> my summer feels gone!

All the traveling has cut into my spring/summer sewing plans, however, so I’m shifting my plans and re-prioritizing. I had grand plans for completing garments for each trip, and I did get my navy culottes and blue Liberty of London “Edna” blouse done for New Orleans (even though I ended up not taking the culottes). However, the denim dress and red pants I wanted to make for Missouri are not going to happen, and making a “business” dress to take to the conference definitely won’t happen. And the Breton-style shirt I wanted to make from the cool ammonite Spoonflower fabric? I haven’t even printed out the pattern I downloaded, let alone order the fabric!

This past weekend I cranked out some easy stuff that definitely deviated from my original summer sewing plans. I really wanted light gray, easy casual drawstring pants that would coordinate well enough with many of my blouses that I could expand my wardrobe a tad (at the moment, I have one pair of fitted gray jeans that go with *everything* so I wanted another options). I stupidly ordered five pairs from the Gap and Target, and returned them all because they fit terribly. For about a fourth of the price, I ordered a box of fabric and made pants and two tube skirts instead! And I made another Sprout Grainline Studios Lark Tee with Spoonflower performance pique fabric. So four things in two days, woot! Oh, and I cut out new pieces to remake the crown of my sun hat as well as the McCalls dress. Super productive!

However…. I’m rethinking my summer sewing plans. Looking at my schedule, I can see that I am not going to have time to get all the summer sewing done I want to, even if I prioritize and only do the denim dress and the red pants. And it makes me realize that the harder, more involved winter sewing I want to do is what I should be starting instead. So maybe I need to shift my sewing so that I make fall/winter things in the spring and summer, and spend the winter working on spring/summer clothing (come on Snow Days!).

Cut out is a start!

Cut out is a start!

There is the winter coat I want to make – a huge undertaking for me, who normally prefers quick and easy projects. Not only is it a complex looking design, it means an outer fashion fabric, a lining and perhaps even a Thinsulate inner lining. I haven’t decided yet. And making all the reflective bias to include in the seams. I do want to make a muslin, because if I am going to spend all this time and money on it, I want it to fit right (shoulders, I’m looking at you). So that adds even more time onto the project. This could take months.

Butterick 6292 Version C

Butterick 6292 Version C

Other fall/winter things I am thinking about – perhaps a dress that could have a blouse or turtleneck layered under it, something with a deep scoop neck and fuller skirt. I haven’t found a pattern for it yet, but I haven’t done much looking. And I *still* am dying to use the Spoonflower fabric I picked out months ago, Moonglow Mystery. It screams Victorian to me – something with a high ruffled collar, rather than a traditional shirt collar. But do I want buttons up the front? Slightly fuller sleeves? Not too fussy, but not quite classic either…  And as always, pants. But if I get the red trousers made this summer, those can be my wearable muslin for that pattern, and I can just make a few pairs in whatever color I need. I need more wide-legged cuffed trousers in my life. And I still want to make a cardigan, and maybe another sweatshirt? I have no interest in making blazers or sweaters, but what other cold-weather garments can I make now that I can still wear without a coat, so I can show off the reflective detailing? Then there is the Issey Miyake pattern I’ve owned since 1991 and would still LOVE to make, but I’m afraid it’s beyond my skill level. Lots of tailoring techniques I haven’t used since I learned them – in the 1990s!

It’s hard to get motivated to sew for winter when the summer is just getting started. I just can’t think of what I might want in 6 months! And I’m not doing a Me Made challenge of my cold weather things, haha!

I guess I shouldn’t worry about it too much, at least not until I get the denim dress and the red trousers made. But I’ll definitely be looking for ideas, and filing stuff away for next year. That is, this winter, when I’m sewing for next summer.

Not the most flattering photo, nor the sexiest of outfits, but I love the way the butterfly tee and the linen pants work together!

Not the most flattering photo, nor the sexiest of outfits, but I love the way the butterfly tee and the linen pants work together!


Also, I think I will be shifting my blog to “summer hours” and only posting once a week until things settle a bit. They will, won’t they?!



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