I am determined to get these pants made before the end of July! My wearable muslin, something that I can use to help perfect the fit of this pattern, and still be able to wear out of the house. I got all the pieces cut out (has anyone ever wondered about the logic in how these tissue paper pieces are folded?!) and…. Simplicity Pants…oh look, something floral!

FloralIt’s terrible. I can’t focus on “basics” because I’m so easily distracted by floral prints.

There I was, innocently ordering white fabric to make simple summer tops, when this lovely floral knit forced its way into my shopping cart. Seriously, I’ve been wanting it *forever* and seeing it made up in Straight Stitch Designs’ Greenwood tank, well, I finally could resist no longer. (By the way, sorry for copying you, Kimberly!)

Now I just need to tape the pieces together and see if I can follow the lines...

Now I just need to tape the pieces together and see if I can follow the lines…

I need another floral print summer top like I need blah blah blah….

I do, however, need a basic white top, so I decided to get a simple white cotton pique and make another V-neck peplum top (I altered the original Very Easy Vogue 8815 top three years ago and prefer the lower neckline), with some reflective piping on the hem of the peplum. Although I’m not a fan of white tops, I need something simple that I can wear with my print pants and skirts, and the pique has a nice bit of texture and body that I think should do well with this top.

Pique Peplum

Pique Peplum

While hunting for appropriate white fabrics, I found this fun geometric eyelet that I think I will make up into a simple drawstring waist tank top. I don’t have a pattern for this, not one that I is exactly what I’m looking for, so I might just make something up. But it rather begs to be a sort of a Victorian camisole, doesn’t it? Well, a modern Victorian, at least!EyeletI’ve been looking for a while for a pattern that is simple enough for what I want, so I’m hoping someone here in the sewing blogesphere will know just the thing. Here are some examples of what I’m looking for:

I have found some patterns that are headed in the right direction, but now that I’ve only ordered 1.5 yards, I don’t want anything too complicated. And you know me, lazy stitcher! I want it to be easy.

So I’m open to suggestions. I am also open to the fact that this could be a winter sewing project for next summer. I do still want to finish my wearable muslin pants!



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