A weekend immersed in IKEA led to another weekend immersed in sewing, although not with the best results. At least the folding bike storage turned out well!

The Mechanic and I ran out to IKEA two weekends ago, and came home with enough stuff to revamp the look and feel and storage of our apartment. I love IKEA – I love the sleek Scandinavian designs and the fun, quirky designs as well. I wish I had the space for some of those giant closet systems! I found myself wishing I had space for a new desk, too, once I found a desktop covered with cute buttons. Alas, it was the wrong size for my space, so I had to leave it behind.

Look at the cute buttons!

Look at the cute buttons!

The goal of the trip was to get another of those oh-so-useful 2×4 Kallax bookcases. I can’t get enough of these. This time, we put it up on legs, so the folding bikes could be stored *underneath* the storage. It worked perfectly! Genius.

Folding bikes below, sewing stuff in the cubbies, art work will eventually be hung on the wall.

Folding bikes below, sewing stuff in the cubbies, art work will eventually be hung on the wall.

After measuring and pricing and examining three different storage units for our living room, we went with the same Kallax collection. This time we added 8 cabinet doors to the 4×4 bookcase and carefully moved the almost-full 10 gallon fish tank to the top. It’s amazing how a larger piece of furniture can make our living room look bigger! We are both quite pleased with how this turned out, and at a fraction of the price of the other options we considered.

We even added a wine rack!

We even added a wine rack!

Of course, moving thing around was a good opportunity to sort fabric and notions and so on. Since I recently ordered some fall sewing patterns, I have new options in mind, and therefore did a bit of shopping in my stash. Is it weird to use the same fabrics and color schemes over and over?!? Because I have some knits that could be good for the New Look 6412 dress I will make, but is another navy and teal/aqua dress one too many?!

Too much of a good thing?

Too much of a good thing?

Sorting through fabrics got my fall sewing plans juices flowing, but I need to finish my summer projects first! So despite being on antibiotics and pain meds for Gum Graft #2 this weekend, I cranked out some stuff. In retrospect, perhaps I shouldn’t have – I’m not really pleased with how things turned out.

I made a third Vogue 8815 peplum top, in white pique with reflective piping on the hem, and realized a few things – first, reflective piping is the wrong reflective finish – I look like Judy Jetson wearing this top. Second, the badly fitting bust darts show up waaaaay more on this plain white pique than they did in the two print versions I did. I realized, way too late, that when I lengthened the waist on this pattern, I never dropped the bust point correspondingly. Whoops. So I’ll have to redo those darts. And I think I’ll use the last of my reflective rick rack on the hem, instead of the piping.

Then I made the Straight Stitch Sewing Greenwood tank. I was so excited about this pattern – so easy, a tank top, what could go wrong?! And I have been in love with the fabric forever, so I was glad to finally have an excuse to make something with it. And then…. it turned out terribly. I don’t really know what went wrong first, but I was concerned when the instructions said the armhole and neck bands should be “slightly stretched” to fit their corresponding opening. I had to stretch A LOT to get them to fit. Then I tried a stretch stitch on the bindings, which turned out too heavy, too dark, and both armhole bindings are thick ropy, distorted seams. They look terrible. The narrow zigzag I did around the neck looks marginally better. To top it off, the fit is weird – baggy around the upper torso and snug around my waist and hips. Added to these problems was the fact that it was my first download-and-tape-together pattern, which I’m too impatient for. Overall, I’m quite disappointed. This will be a wear-around-the-house top, if that.

So I have one more project to complete and I hope it doesn’t disappoint me either! I need to finish Simplicity 1693, just need more bias for the neck and armholes, then add the elastic waist. I love the geometric “eyelet” but it’s not as drape-y as I assumed it would be, so that could be a problem with the gathers. Simplicity camiI am trying not to get too excited about fall sewing, since I know that whatever I want now for the fall will not be what I end up loving (I can’t explain it but this happens with every season). On the other hand, I feel like I need to have stuff done before the season starts. At least I have some things still lined up for summer – and at least it will be warm well into October! But planning is the best part. Fall Ideas


2 thoughts on “Sewing Reset with Bikes

  1. I appreciate your showing your “misses” as well as your “hits”. Please know they don’t look bad at all from my point of view!

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