All I want to do right now is this: Mysterious FabricsWhen I should be doing this:

I’m totally ready to start my fall/winter sewing list! But I need to finish my summer projects first. Luckily, it stays hot warm through at least the beginning of October, so I have a few weeks left to wear summer clothes. Plus, I’m more excited than I expected with how the top of my dress has turned out, so I really want to finish that up.

But I guess I’m always happiest planning, so a’planning I will go.

I decided to go with a theme for my fall/winter sewing: Magical, mystical, mysterious. Inspired in part by the Spoonflower fabric that I am obsessed with (yet can’t find the perfect pattern for), I decided that everything should either be dark and moody florals or mysterious and mythical beasts.

Kinda obsessed with this print!

Still obsessed with this print!

Think dark, foggy woods, curling ferns, dropping trees, anything Alexander McQueen, draping vines full of intensely colored blooms, overgrown English gardens in the moonlight, mysterious creature seen at a distance through dark trees… think fanciful creatures… landscapes that make you shiver in fear… or delight… I want to evoke a magical, mystical atmosphere – which I will be wearing in the bright dullness of my office.

I’ve been eyeballing this Pegasus rayon print by Fibs & Fables for a while, so I just went ahead and ordered it from Stonemountain and Daughter Fabrics. I think it will be the perfect fabric for the high collared, Victorian-feeling Simplicity blouse pattern I have. PegasusThe colors are much more vivid in person; I can’t get the color to adjust properly. But isn’t this rayon lovely and fun?!

I feel in love with this dark, mysterious floral print as soon as I saw it on It’s a heavy ponte knit and I have no idea what I’ll do with it, but I had to have it. It’s exactly the mood I was thinking about. I have enough that I could do the McCalls 6844 cardigan that I’ve been thinking about for a while, but on the other hand, maybe I don’t want it as a cardigan, but more like a sweatshirt. But fitted. Well, whatever it ends up as will be lovely and just *perfect*! Mysterious Floral KnitThe last piece of new fabric is a navy corduroy, which will be a perfect, knee-length A-line skirt. I’ll need to line it, and maybe I’ll think about pockets. I’ll use the same Kwik Sew 3877 that I have used before – easy breezy. This will be a very practical – yet mysterious – cooler weather skirt. Navy Corduroy

That’s perhaps waaaaaay too many sewing projects to have lined up, and what’s worse, I haven’t even thought about how to make them reflective! So I need to cut myself off for a while so I can get some things done.

But it’s going to be hard to focus, when these lovely mysterious fabrics call to me…

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