It’s been a while since I’ve made a garment that I’ve been so pleased with. My McCalls 6520 chambray dress (Version A in this out of print pattern) has been on my summer sewing list for a while, so I was glad to finally get it done. But not having enough time to sit and sew for days on end, I ended up doing this in pieces and parts, which may be why it ended up being so well made (for me). Mcalls 6520 frontMcalls 6520 backThe pattern called for the waistband on the outside of the dress, so I didn’t make that part up, just used reflective fabric. But I did add the reflective bias to the back raglan sleeve seams! I couldn’t decided and am very glad I did. It looks great! I didn’t alter the pattern much, other than add a teeny bit of fullness to the back skirt part, since I was concerned about it being too snug across my hips and bum. Since the drawstring pulls in the waist, the extra gathers aren’t noticeable when I’m wearing it. Mcalls 6520 back gathersI was a bit nervous about the button placket in the front, since I don’t love the button hole function on my machine. But I think they turned out well, and are covered up by the clear flower buttons anyway. Another win! MCalls dress trim and buttonSure, it’s cute, but how does it reflect and wear?!?!?

Well, the reflective parts are pretty cool. MCalls dress front reflectiveMcCalls dress back reflectiveMCalls 6520 back reflectingHow it wears is the only downside. It’s not terrible on the bike…

…but it’s not great sitting at my desk. The bottom button has quite a bit of strain on it. I try not to think about it being my hips or butt…

See the strain? I'm going to have to reinforce this somehow but haven't quite decided how.

See the strain? I’m going to have to reinforce this somehow but haven’t quite decided how.

At least on the bike I can pull it up a bit (and show off my Bikie Girl Bloomers!)

At least on the bike I can pull it up a bit (and show off my Bikie Girl Bloomers!)

Although sitting in it isn’t ideal I have a sit/stand desk so I just need to make sure I stand most of the day. And not run after a bus or anything. But regardless of this one functional flaw, I really love this dress! It is lovely now in the hot weather and will be cute in the fall with a turtleneck and tights. Three cheers for a multi-seasonal garment!

Also, how cute it is with this little star purse from Target? Found it in the kids’ section. Star Purse

One thought on “Reflective Bike Dress Success! Mostly…

  1. Nice work! I’m interested in your sources for reflective fabrics. Is that addressed in a different post or could you fill in that information?



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