The hunt for decent reflective fabric is an ongoing obsession, and a sometimes frustrating one (it’s really hard to find!). But lately I have found two great resources that I want to share.

The first option isn’t really new. I have known about Seattle Fabrics, Inc., for a while, but I’ve never ordered from them. So I finally did and wish I hadn’t waited so long! It’s not the prettiest website but they have several reflective options. Alas,  you can’t really search for them on the website, but if you look under “New Arrivals,” and keep scrolling down, you will see “reflective piping tape” in several different colors. I’m pretty excited about these, since they look like they will be easier to sew into seams than piping or the heavy reflective fabric bias tape that I make. The reflective bits are only on one side, just keep in mind. I ordered navy, gray and black, and I wish I’d ordered more of the navy.

Reflective Piping Tape

Reflective Piping Tape

seattle-fabric-3I also ordered several yards of their reflective piping, because although working with piping is not my favorite thing, there is no denying the amazing reflective power of reflective piping. seattle-fabric-2

I mean, WOW

I mean, WOW

You can also order a sample pack of what they offer, and I swear I saw a listing for reflective material, but I can’t seem to find it now. Definitely check it out!

The other new source is none other than Mood Fabrics! Are we going to see reflective fashion on Project Runway soon?!? This is fabulous, because they are selling several different colors of reflective fabrics – but hurry! The blue and the red are almost sold out! I ordered two yards of the blue, a yard of the red and a yard of the brown-gold. I have no idea what I’ll do with them yet but I DON’T CARE. It’s sooo hard to find this, especially in colors, that even at this price (which was a bit eyewatering 0_o). But I also got a free Mood tote and a “Made with Mood” label, so that’s fun.

Pretty colors!

Pretty colors!


It's even pretty reflecting. Somehow this makes me think of a Cinderella dress....

It’s even pretty reflecting. Somehow this makes me think of a Cinderella dress….

I don’t really know yet what I will do with any of these new acquisitions, but I’m happy to see my reflective stash grow. And the timing was right – I just used some black reflective tape (marketed for motorcycle safety) for the first time, in my new Zeus skirt. It looks pretty cool with the lightening-esque design of the fabric. (This skirt is a bit too narrow and short to be a good bike skirt, but will always be good walking around in the evening.)

So make haste to Mood Fabrics! Maybe the demand will convince them to restock. We need our reflective options!!!


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