The Mechanic and I have been madly organizing and unpacking the new apartment – I think Sunday evening we unpacked the last box. We gave the first Craigslister 40 of our boxes this afternoon in what felt like a symbolic victory. The furniture is in place, now we are just fine tuning. We spent most of Saturday in the car, first to IKEA in Woodbridge, VA, then the nearby Home Depot, which didn’t have what we wanted so we drove to the Seven Corners Home Depot and hit Target on the way home. The day was exhausting, expensive, and proved that the more suburban  you are, the worse you drive. So many aggressive, reckless, clueless drivers on the road in Woodbridge! Gah.

We stopped briefly in Occoquan on our way to Woodbridge, so The Mechanic could see the completed River Mill Park, which used to be a water treatment plant. Lovely spot!

We stopped briefly in Occoquan, VA on our way to Woodbridge, so The Mechanic could see the completed River Mill Park, which used to be a water treatment plant. Lovely spot!

On to happier topics – my sewing room is shaping up! Okay, not my sewing “room,” my half of the office which is my sewing space.

My half of the office

My half of the office, in an earlier stage of disarray. Now it’s in a different stage of disarray.

I moved all my sewing and design relater books to this space, and put all my photo albums, which previous had been under the sewing table, in the dining room bookcases. I need to organize the thises and thats still, and we need to replace the table legs, but I could probably crank out some sewing over Thanksgiving weekend. I probably won’t though, because I have cases of old old old papers that need to get sorted and shredded. If I don’t do it now, I’ll be sorry when we move again someday. Trying to be mature and grown up here…

Yay design books!

Yay design books!

There is enough space that I *might* be able to fit in a dressmaker’s dummy. That would be sooooo exciting! But I’m not buying anything like that until the new year. I don’t want to clutter up this nice big new apartment.

Can't you see a dressmaker's dummy here? Oh yeah

Can’t you see a dressmaker’s dummy here? Oh yeah, well, once I move the extra bike helmets and panniers….

The really cool part, well, one of the really cool parts, is that I’ll be able to sit and sewing and look out the window at the same time! And since we just put up balcony lights, well, it makes it more cheerful and magical in this cold, dark weather which is about to get colder and darker. I’ve *always* wanted to live someplace where I could put lights up on a balcony, and now I am. I am SO happy about this.

Room with a view

Room with a view

The Mechanic and I bought tickets to see “The Nutcracker” on Christmas Eve, so now I’m hoping to get at least one sewing project done by then, so I can wear it to the performance. I really want to get the Pegasus blouse done, so that will be my goal. I’ve got about a month – easy, right? What could get in my way during the holidays? Hahahaha…..

Hooray for balcony lights!!!

Hooray for balcony lights!!!



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