What is possibly better than New Bike Day? New Sewing Machine Day!!!

My “inheritance” from my grandfather, who died last December, was the funding for the sewing machine of my dreams to replace my 27-year-old machine. After some research, and a trip to a sewing machine store, I settled on the Husqvarna Viking Sapphire 965Q. My old sewing machine has gone many places with me, including three years around the world when I was the wardrobe supervisor for Disney On Ice in the mid-late 90s. But as I’ve gotten more and more into sewing, the 10 stitches and 1 button hole option just weren’t enough. And I didn’t initially think I needed a computerized sewing machine, but boy of boy, what a different world! I was sold after a 45 minute demo of all the features. Okay, honestly, what sold me was that it comes with a pre-programmed bicycle stitch!

The bike stitch on a different model Sapphire

Saturday, the Mechanic and I went out to Bonny’s Sewing & Fabric, in Alexandria, VA, to pick up the machine. Yes, I sat with it on my lap on the way home! It’s so much bigger than my White Jeans machine – look at them all together! One of the other selling points of this machine is the long arm and the wide open space to spread fabric out. I can keep my pin cushion on the machine and still have space left!The first thing I did was to add a travel key chain to the stylus of the machine, to make it easier not to lose it. The key chain isn’t a great fit but I like the way the leaf gives it a sort of elven feel. The machine has a built-in needle threader and a magnifying glass in the bobbin cover – both great features to have, especially as I’m now 27 years older than when I got my first machine, and well, er, really need those features! Other amazing features, which may be more common to less fancy machines, are the auto-tension feature, the fact that I can pick my fabric type and stitch, and the machine will suggest not only the stitch length and width, but also the foot and needle, and show me where the needle will start the stitch. So amazing!!!

I spent the rest of Saturday reading the manual and play around with different stitch options. Not only can I stitch bicycles, I can do my Twitter name, the blog post name, appliques with reflective fabric, stitch on buttons, create mirror images of stitches, and super cool buttonholes. Sunday, I felt ready to put what I’d learned to the test, and what better way to practice new skills than to sew something?!? I had the Salme Patterns Angel Sleeve Top pattern ready to go, so I whipped that up. It was super easy to sew, although I complicated it by doing French seams. In slate blue tencel twill, it is a lovely basic business top that actually coordinates quite well with my wedding skirt. I will definitely make this top again. As much as I wanted to stitch bicycles onto a bit of the hem this blouse, I wanted flowers instead. Ultimately, I went with stars, because I couldn’t quite get the floral designs I wanted to line up with the hem properly. Somehow, these stars remind me of the Washington DC flag… I think, however, that in future, I’ll have to do contrasting thread if I want the design to really show up. Now, of course, all I want to do is SEW!!! All those projects I have lined up? Everything is getting some fun embroidery stitch! And what will I make that gets reflective appliqued pears?!? I can’t get over the options before me, as I gaze upon this new sewing machine. And yes, this could very easily be better than a new bike…


5 thoughts on “What’s Better Than New Bike Day?

  1. Very interesting…a magnifying glass in the bobbin cover? Whoa..

    Well, one must have the thread tension perfect to do all that machine embroidery –something my basic machine is screwing up for just straight line sewing. I only shorten pants and sleeves. Minor alterations right now on a 30+ old Kenmore machine.

    Have fun. I can see it already…bike embroidery tea towels for cycling friends..or on plush thick towels. 🙂

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