A Brief Intro to Our New Lives

We have been in our new home for two weeks now – seems like forever yet we still aren’t 100% unpacked. The Mechanic started a new job right before we moved and his been working crazy long hours, so we haven’t gotten as much done as we’d like. Consequently, I don’t have many photos to share – hence the brief into. (Note: I am writing this on the bus so apologies for weirdness.)

This is one of the highlights so far:   

We have hardwood floors, yay!, and picking out rugs is so fun. This is in our dining room, from which we have lovely views of trees. 

I did unpack the sewing machine and put notions in drawers for an important psychological step forward. (The box clutter is beginning to stress me out.) No time to sew yet but hopefully soon! 

I have a new bike commute but I don’t have any photos of that yet. It’s about a mile longer, at least the route I am taking is, and ever so slightly uphill in the morning. I know I need the exercise….

The biggest change in our new lives is now being parents to three bunnies. English angora siblings Sullivan (the boy) and Quinn (the girl) came home with Gaston right after we moved in. Twice his weight and three times the fluff, we find ourselves in a scramble to have enough hay, litter and greens. Yes, I did just order a 50lb box of hay. 

They all get along very well in a sort of love triangle way – sometimes I see Gaston snuggling with Quinn, sometimes with Sully, and sometimes it’s Sully and Quinn together. Last night I opened the pen up to see what they would do and give them a taste of things to come. Sully and Quinn happily nosed around the living room and I even saw a few tiny binkies! Follow all three on Instagram : @fluff_and_ears 

Hopefully I’ll be back on track soon! 

3 thoughts on “A Brief Intro to Our New Lives

  1. Hope it all works out. Do those bunnies grow fast? My partner’s daughter did have a rabbit for a few years in her apartment. It got along well with the dog and cat. Yea.

    I’m sure you’ll be figuring out drapes, etc. 🙂

    • Thanks! Yep, lots to figure out. It will come together, eventually. The planning is the best part, haha!

      The bunnies are all full grown. Gaston, the littlest, is 4 years old! The other two are over a year. We are slowly giving them more space and more free range time. My rabbits in my NYC apartment were 100% free range (had those for 8 years) but I learned through that that I prefer them to have a secure “home base.” Currently, these guys like to explore the living room then return to their pen! Lots of rabbits are bffs with cats and dogs. And Guinea pigs. 😄

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