September was a really busy month, and the one hobby that fell by the wayside was blogging. So here is everything I did in September, all in one blog post. I’ll try to keep it brief!

1. Bermuda

The Mechanic and I went back to Bermuda, to Grotto Bay, the resort we stayed at three years ago. A desire to stay somewhere we wouldn’t be tempted to run around and do too many things, as well as a great package deal through Orbitz convinced us that this was the best place to relax.  For four days we snorkeled, stared at the water, and drank Dark n’ Stormys and Rum Swizzles.

Grotto Bay

Because I love a travel wardrobe theme, I packed blue and fish themed clothes. I didn’t make everything I took, but 3/4 of it.

2. Haute Couture Embroidery

I took an embroidery class from Smithsonian Associates! Actually, it was half lecture, half sewing – first we explored haute couture embroidery, the origins of haute couture, and discussed embroidery houses and how they worked with designers. Then we had time to create our own “haute couture” buttons. I didn’t like my work so I started taking it out, and didn’t finish my buttons. And I haven’t touched it since – we were allowed to take our supplies home. Eventually I’ll redo them! It made me want to try learning embroidery again. I did some, ages ago, as well as beadwork, so maybe it’s time again…

3. History Happy Hour

Following the learning and doing event theme, a friend and I attended History Happy Hour at The Williard InterContinential Hotel. The hotel’s famous bartender told stories about famous and infamous historic hotel guests while a special guest talked to us about diplomacy and the role the hotel played. During all this, we made historic cocktails. It was a fun evening and we just might do it again!

4. Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest is educational, right? Another friend and I went to the Crystal City Oktoberfest, where we were able to sample several different beers, many from the area. We learned which ones we liked and which ones we didn’t like – that’s educational! Unfortunately, I’m not sure I remember which were my favorites…. My friend has an authentic, bought in Bavaria, dirndl, but mine is an inexpensive option from Amazon. It is pretty boring, so now that I have a sewing machine with fancy embroidery stitches, I decided to decorate it.


5. Sewing

Amongst all these events, I managed to complete three sewing projects!

I made the McCalls 7726 paperbag waist pants again, this time in the tapered leg version in gray. I’m working on perfecting pants fit, and I think these turned out pretty well – not perfect, but better. Also, reflective belt loops and the back of the sash, yay!

Then I made the Megan Nielsen Tania Culottes. I decided to make them out of navy blue corduroy, something a bit heavier, so I can wear them through the colder months. I’m not 100% in love with them – should I have made them longer? Why do the pockets hang funny? Is the back crotch seam fit okay? But I wore them right away and they are pretty lovely to wear. I can’t wait to bike in them! Not much reflectivity on these, so I added a small patch on the back left waist.

And finally, I made something for my trip to Disney World later this fall – Pamela’s Patterns Pretty Peplum Top is muslined out of this Beauty and the Beast print jersey I found on I’m hunting for an easy peplum top pattern, so this was a good excuse to test out the fit. I took in the waist quite a bit from the size Small, but left the sleeves and shoulders because they fit so well. Also had to raise the waist a bit. I think it’s really cute so I don’t think I’ll be able to wait until our trip to wear this! (Excuse the awful photo…..)

And you may have noticed that my haircut is a bit different now – symmetrical! It was time for a bit of a change.

Whew, no wonder I feel exhausted by this month! I think I need a trip back to the beach to rest.



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