Living the R.I. Life

The Mechanic, the Fluffsters, and I have now been living in Rhode Island for almost *four* months. It feels much longer than that! Did we really used to live in Virginia, and did we really used to own a cute townhouse overlooking a small “forest”?! It’s amazing how quick human brains can adapt to new things.

The Mechanic and I have pledged to do one “Rhode Island” thing a weekend to help us get to know our new state and city. There’s a really lengthy list of things we want to do here, and yes, it includes checking out local restaurants, breweries, bars, doughnut shops, and so on. We’ve also done a bit of biking around Providence, which is much more pleasant than we expected! And we’ve been to two different state parks and seen the Atlantic Ocean from a few different vantage points. (I’ve managed to squeeze in a ton of sewing, but that’s not RI related so I’ll save that for another post.) 

Although winter is coming, we are determined to still explore the beaches and state parks, aiming for one such adventure per month. We’ll see how it goes – once the temperatures dip too cold, I’ve been known to refuse to leave the house.

I’m aiming to get back to semi-regular blog posts, because there is more to share. So keep an eye on this space, as I continue to adjust to living the R.I. Life!

6 thoughts on “Living the R.I. Life

  1. I just came across your blog after reading your interview from 2015 at Women BikeDC. My dad is from Middletown. We kids went to visit my grandparents every other summer there (visited the MN grandparents in between) . I love RI. Have you had a “cabinet”? Or the famous “Awful Awful” at the Newport Creamery? I know RI is the smallest state, but when I took a road trip there in 2017 by myself and travelled around practically the entire state, I couldn’t believe I could get across it in one day! Or “up and down it” in one day. As a kid, we pretty much stuck to staying in Middletown. Many cute, small towns. I was so disappointed when I accidentally came across what turned out to be the the East Bay Bike Path (had my bike with me), but it was too late in the day to ride. Had to get back to lodging before the sun set. Anyway, enough about me! I hope you enjoy living there. I wish I could.

    • Sorry for the late reply!!! I haven’t blogged in a while…. I had to try both – and coffee milk. I can’t figure out the pizza strips though! The biking here in Providence is actually pretty good, although I haven’t done enough leisure biking to truly say. Maybe I’ll dust off the blog and write about biking here!

  2. I’ve been to Providence, RI and wouldn’t have gone to the state if it’s weren’t for also an engineering test lab. where there was a library. It was for an international library conference for libraries specializing in fire protection. Sorry for asking if I missed it…so you moved there because….?

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