Elizabeth worked in theater for many years as a costume designer, then as a dresser, and has had the privilege of working with some really great people.  A recent move to Arlington county prompted this non-car owner to start commuting by bike, which has since grown into the mutual love of stylish Dutch bikes and sleek road bikes, and a new job in transportation demand management. Now her thoughts are turning to the meshing of fashion and cycling – it’s time to pull out the sewing machines!

The Mechanic is skilled with a wrench and happiest when tinkering on bikes.  Well, almost the happiest….

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  1. Hello! It’s great to see someone who shares our interest in stylish and functional commuter biking. We would love to tell you more about our product, which makes it so much easier to bring your stuff with your all around town but, but we couldn’t find your contact information. Please drop us a line at hello@bucaboot.com as we would love to introduce you to the Buca Boot!

  2. Hi, I see that you use very colorful fabrics that are reflective in the dark. I live in New York City and attend FIT and I’m having the hardest time finding reflective fabric that looks like the stuff you use. Can you suggest any stores or websites I can buy reflective fabric? Thank you for your help.

    • Hello! You are in the center of the action! I bought the colorful reflective fabric from B&J originally but it was sold out the last time I was there. They could possibly reorder it but it was $50/yard so I don’t know that they would. A salesperson there showed me that a swatch of it in blue but that was sold out and I never got any. Check out King Tech.com – they might sell to you because you are at FIT, but they only do wholesale normally. It’s hard to find, alas! That’s the best I can offer. I don’t know where I will find more this year, since my stash is going to run out at some point. Good luck!

  3. hi love the pieces you make i have been making some reflective cycle bits in the UK. i have searched high and low for colour reflective fabric though and only seemed to find silver, can you point me in the right direction please!!

  4. Would suggest to turn off infinite scroll at back end of this new theme that you chose. I’ve been tempted to choose a blog theme that’s “bigger” overall. I just don’t want to make the effort and I like a slider header..

  5. Hi there, Thanks for following my Velo Joy Blog on WordPress. I don’t actually use that blog any more as I have one now on my website. Check out levelovictoria.co and the Velo Joy Blog is a link at the top of the website. I hope you will continue to follow me.

    • I promote transportation alternatives to SOV (single occupancy driver) travel, so subway, buses, biking, walking, car- and vanpool, etc., and encourage area employers to offer a range of transit benefits and amenities to help reduce traffic congestion. We also work with property managers, esp. multifamily homes (big huge apartment buildings). TDM is the less expensive option to building more roads – we can reduce the need for them by making alternatives the first or primary choice for most trips.

      • Sounds like you’re more into active transportation public education which is a sub-component of transportation demand management. I work for govn’t and we have a division that is on transportation planning, of which TDM is a subset. TDM can be quite technical in its calculations and analysis.

      • What a cool job you have and you inspire me to work on my sewing skills! I’d like to hear more about your work with property managers of multifamily homes.

      • Sorry, I thought I replied already! Thanks for your kind words. I need to improve *my* sewing skills, based on my last project, sigh. I don’t work with property managers any more but my colleague does an awesome job encouraging them to promote transportation options. Bike rooms are becoming a selling point, yay!

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