My Bike Fashion Faux Pas

Okay, this probably is not a faux pas by anyone else’s standard, but clearly I’m more of a prude than I thought I was. I can’t help it – I stand by some old-fashioned values! Like undergarments should never be seen.

I took a top to work today that I haven’t worn in a long time. (It was raining when I left, so I took my entire wardrobe and showered and changed at work, in case you need to know). It’s a cute knit cowl neck top from New York & Company, nothing fancy, blue with a butterfly print. I don’t wear it often because it’s too big and the cowl drapes pretty low, and I feel like I’m constantly pulling it up. Whatever, not a huge issue.

Top in question is this cut, different print

That is, until I get on my bike to go to a client meeting. I hadn’t really thought about the fact that I’d flash everyone within vision of the bike lane between my office and the client’s office! My upright bike puts me forward just enough… and it was breezy just enough… that I think it totally exposed my bra as the loose draped fabric blew around!  Eek! I’m sure that every guy really was staring down my shirt. Literally.

But this got me thinking – am I really a prude? I guess I do dress pretty conservative, especially for work. And I don’t believe that undergarments should be seen by the public. I always wear a slip if my skirt is unlined, a wrap dress, or in any other way see-thru. Perhaps this is a habit after years of working in theater, and trying so hard to make sure performers’ undergarments were not seen (unless they were part of the costume, of course).

I will never see this as acceptable fashion or style

But is it a problem that I don’t want to show too much chest/cleavage? Does anyone else worry about this? Should I start wearing low cut tops to force myself to be more comfortable with this? (I’m sure The Mechanic would approve!) I definitely would lean towards conservative in the office – after all, I think the whole “dress how you want to be treated” thing still applies in the office,  no matter what younger people might think. I’ve also heard it as “dress better than your boss” but I’ll be generous here. : )

This J. Crew Liberty of London shirt with tie and pencil skirt would be ideal office wear for me! Too conservative?

But on weekends and when I go out, maybe I need to start lowering the neckline a tad. But this Jack Wills cami seems too bare for me, although I doubt it would blow around too much on a bike. But if I crash, that’s alot of bare skin to scrape up, ow.

Jack Wills does cater to college kids….

But then I would need to replace all my crew neck tee shirts! Oy! What do I do?

So what is a good office-appropriate, bike-friendly top that isn’t too conservative, yet not too bare? I’m open to suggestions!

Oops! Back from flashing everyone on the street!