Sniffing the Reflective Paint

By now we all know I’m obsessed with all things reflective, right? So now it’s time to kick it up a notch!

Today I stumbled upon these TOMS shoes, with a fully reflective heel. Check out the video, too.

TOMS x Linus shoes

I love this idea, but I don’t love TOMS shoes. Nothing against the brand, I just can’t wear that flat of a shoe with absolutely no support. But it got me thinking. (okay, I did put them on the “biking fashion items I’d love to test” list)

I decided that since I have plenty of experience spray painting shoes during my costume design days, I can spray a pair of shoes! Then I’ll have the shoes I want with the right amount of coverage I want (not being impressed with the silver of reflective material on the Merrell biking heels). Rust-Oleum makes a reflective spray paint, although it got terrible reviews on the Home Depot website. So I kept looking, and found one by Krylon, and one called Night Brite, that seems promising, yet pricey. I’ll have to decide how much I want to invest in this project.So what to test this on then? At first I thought I’d get a pair of basic black pumps, like these from Payless Shoe Source. After all, I don’t want to spend a ton of money on nice shoes, only to destroy them with this experiment.

Payless Kimmie Mary Jane Pump

Then I thought that I could even further combine form with fashion, as it were – I could get a chrome spray paint and make my own silver capped heels, then spray the silver reflective!

Stuart Weiztman Capsize Mary Jane Pump (I love these!!!)

Stuart Weiztman Wiskerlo Flats (ooh so sweet!)

Delman Comet in Silver

Chanel boots

The pumps are undeniably sexy, but I’m not sure about how bike practical they might be – the mint pairs (my favorites!) are pretty pointy. I could try to copy the Chanel boots with this pair from Payless, which already have the cap and heel, ready for painting –

Payless Brash Tanner lace up boot

This it totally do-able! Except I love the pumps…  So I’d have to create the silver metallic cap, then try the reflective spray, and I’m not sure how they will layer. I could just do the heel of the shoe reflective, and the toe cap silver – surely a silver toe would reflect in a car’s light?

While I ponder this, and do more research on reflective paint, I can at last get back to finishing my dress! It’s been sitting, calling to me, ever since I got back from my travels, but naturally I got sick, and haven’t had the brain power to figure out the problems it’s presenting me. But no longer – I am ready again for the challenge!

But I will leave you with some shoe porn, while you are waiting – look at how gorgeous these shoes are – oh so impractical and oh so lovely! And oh I’d love them…

Isabel Toledo for Payless TangoJane Mary Jane Pump