My Own Personalized Sewing Labels!

I’ve been hunting for new and inspiring sewing labels for a while and just not finding anything I loved. Then, about a month ago, I read a review of Nominette labels by British blogger Manju, in her sewing blog Sewmanju (amazing alert – she just made a LEATHER jacket!). The Nominette labels she had created are gorgeous, so chic and haute couture0looking! Nominette is a Belgian company, so I emailed to see if they ship to the United States. And they do! For only 4 Euros! Sold!

I spent some time playing around on their website – they have a “label builder” tool that allows you to put in your text and preview what the label would more or less look like. Although I love the image that Manju (and her sister) designed for her labels, I didn’t have any ideas of what the graphic would/could be, and I didn’t want a bicycle. So I ended up sticking with text only. But I had enough space for several lines, and added some text and my Twitter handle too.  The minimum order is 100 labels, and the price ended up being around $50, so about 50 cents per label. I can’t imagine *ever* going through 100 labels, but at least I will never be short!

The labels arrived unexpectedly and pretty quickly after I placed the order. I’m so excited by them! Labels 4I specifically was looking for labels that would fold in half, but didn’t really except to find an option where I could get a woven design with text on front and back. They look really professional, and are pretty much what I wanted. Labels 3The labels arrived the day I was about to mail off a blouse l made for a friend in Oregon, so I quickly unpicked the seam facing and tucked one of these new labels into her blouse. Not only will she be the first on the West Coast to get a Tin Lizzie reflective garment, she has the first Tin Lizzie label!

I made McCalls 6794 for my friend, who also works in TDM and does bicycle/pedestrian advocacy work. I made this pattern for myself this spring, but haven’t worn it much because I’m disappointed in how the orange reflective fabric is peeling, and I haven’t decided how to fix it. But this one is adorable and I love the bright reflective fabric with the pale gray, yellow and aqua print. I was sad to mail it away – I want it myself!

I’m eager to get my sewing done so I can start putting these new labels in everything! I’ve got quite a line-up of projects, so I just need some dedicated time….

I will also be reading my new book – the more I sew, the more particular I am getting about fit, so it’s time to brush up on rusty skills! It’s been, um, two decades since I took my pattern fit classes, and at least 15 years since I’ve tried to do proper pattern adjustments. Excited and scared!* Perfect Fitting Book*bragging rights if anyone can name the Broadway musical-made-movie that line comes from!

Dreaming of Spring Flowers and Bike Skirts

The freezing cold temperatures, crazy strong wind and predicted snowfall isn’t the only reason why I am currently dreaming of spring flowers and bike skirts. I’ve been busy with both all weekend! Well, sort of.

For starters, I made the McCalls 6794 blouse out of the Liberty of London for Target duvet cover that I’ve had waiting for me. It went together pretty quickly and I am very excited by the result. I didn’t realize how tricky it is to tie a bow behind one’s back, but I’m sure I’ll get better at it with time.

The orange reflective fabric is heavy enough that I stitched it to the seam allowance to reduce the pull on the seam itself. I love that this is so flattering, with just one big piece of fabric in the back, and the sash stitched on in the front. I love sashes.

I have always loved Liberty of London fabrics, but this spring, I am clearly not the only one obsessed with floral prints. Shops everywhere seem to have large floral print clothing!

I really love the Land’s End floral tee and will no doubt order it soon-ish. But the Land’s End Floral Pants, the Nordstrom Topshop floral pants, the Zara floral pants, and the ASOS floral pants are all wonderful and definitely make me want a pair (okay, all of them!). A suit, not so much, but I might consider a blazer. The Talbots blouse I love because it is stripes AND floral print, my two favorite patterns in one of my favorite color combinations, gray and pink, but it’s almost too corporate for my taste, so I’m not sure.  These floral prints remind me of medieval tapestries, like the Unicorn tapestries in The Cloisters in New York. That might be less “spring” than the Liberty of London print of my new top, but I appreciate the slightly more mysterious designs, especially for pants.

"The Unicorn in Captivity - Google Art Project" by Unknown - 6QHwPO4q4grNtA at Google Cultural Institute, zoom level maximum. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons -

The Unicorn in Captivity tapestry (“The Unicorn in Captivity – Google Art Project” by Unknown – 6QHwPO4q4grNtA at Google Cultural Institute, zoom level maximum. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons –

But floral prints are not the only reason why I am fantasizing about spring and warmer weather. I recently met Lara Neece, of Forest and Fin, and talked about her new bike skirt design. An artist in Savannah, GA, she has a great collection of earth-friendly silk screened tee shirts with her own designs of birds and foxes and things. I love the Lovebirds Tee. She has also designed a bicycle wrap skirt and is in the process of having samples made and setting up her Kickstarter. Since she was visiting the DC area, we arranged to meet and chat, and I got to try on the skirt (okay, over my pants in the cafe….). It is lovely, nice and full, with some innovative details that I will let her share once her Kickstarter is launched. Lara is focusing on having the skirt made as sustainably as possible, but is still conscious of the price point, which is appreciated. I encourage you to follow her on Twitter and Instagram as well as her website and blog for updates on her skirt. It made me wish for spring and summer, because there is nothing better than biking in a skirt! A skirt, sandals, tee shirt or tank top… ah warm weather! How many days left until Spring?!

This is not the typical winter temperature here, brr! #dislike

This is not the typical winter temperature here, brr! #dislike