Some Adventures in LalaLand

Hard to believe it’s been three weeks since I was in Los Angeles! Technically, I was in Eagle Rock, CA, but few know about Eagle Rock and everyone knows about LA, so… It’s sort of like telling people outside of the DC area that I live in the DC area, rather than specifying Arlington.

Anyway, Eagle Rock is an adorable neighborhood near Pasadena where friends of mine have lived for decades. Despite the wide lanes along Colorado Blvd., it has a small town, homey feel – other than a Trader Joe’s, most of the storefronts seem to be locally owned restaurants and shops. And I love the architecture and all the amazing flowers – so many homes have local “desert” yards.

My friends are vegan, which was a welcome travel change. Finding vegetarian-friendly restaurants is always a challenge, so I was pleasantly surprised at how vegetarian- and vegan-friendly LA is! From small shop My Vegan to the large and wonderful Sage Plant Based Bistro in Old Town Pasadena to Flore Vegan Cuisine and the vegan donuts at Colorado Donuts, I was able to eat whatever I wanted without analyzing the ingredients lists. Several times I found myself about to ask “Is there bacon in that?” because of course there isn’t bacon on something in a vegan place! Vegan bacon, that’s a different story. I’m still fantasizing about the jackfruit “tuna” melt at Sage and the tofu benedict at Flore. And the vegan donuts, yumm….

Other than eat, we also went to Harry Potter World and whale watching. It was fun to go to Harry Potter World but the fact that it was 90+ degrees made it hard to get into the snow covered buildings feel of Hogsmeade Village! Still, the ride was awesome and I wish we could have done it multiple times.

The other fabulous thing we did was go whale watching in Newport Beach. In my tradition, we didn’t see whales but saw something better – a whole pod of dolphins! They followed our boat, swam under it and in general did wonderful dolphin-y things. It was like being in a documentary, seeing the whales leaping around us by the dozens.

There was a professional photographer on board and we ordered her photos. Isn’t this amazing?!?!

It was wonderful to be back on the Pacific Ocean and of course I had to put my feet in the water. (I must always put my feet in any body of water I run across!)

My friend and I originally bonded over our mutual love of hats and sunscreen so we naturally ended up hat shopping. A new Goorin Bros. hat found it’s way home with me….

I wore something #memade almost every day on that trip but didn’t get many photos. You can see my Liberty of London dinosaur shirt in the Hogwarts Castle photo, and my new linen vine dress in the hat photo. It’s very satisfying to know that I’m wearing clothes I’ve made myself. But it was more satisfying to spend time with friends.