Money Buys Me Happiness

We all know the saying – “Money can’t buy happiness.” And maybe for some people, that is true. But it’s not for me!

I recently purchased a new bike pannier/tote bag from Basil, and I couldn’t be happier! The zipper on my regular big pannier broke, so I used the opportunity to get the Basil Jada Shopper I’ve been eyeing for ages, but couldn’t justify buying. But with the busted zipper, well…. Perfect opportunity!IMG_4582

I was a bit worried that the bag wouldn’t be big enough, so I was impressed when it arrived, and it is actually bigger than I expected! Thank goodness, because I had to haul alot of stuff in the last two days.

The first day I used the bag to take sewing stuff to work

The first day I used the bag to take sewing stuff to work

Today I had to bring home a ton of files

Today I had to bring home a ton of files

It has really long shoulder straps, which is the best part, because now I actually can take the bag off my bike and throw it over my shoulder and go. My others had super short handles that were not the best for that. The pannier clips have a nicely fitted cover that zips over them, with an additional Velcro security strap. BVasil Side ViewClose Velcro

The outside pockets are numerous and handy, especially the gusseted zip-and-velcro one in the front. Basil Zipper Pocket

“But how does it work on the bike?!”

Cropped BikeAction BikeGreat! I’ve only used it two days so far, but I love it! (how do you like my beloved Cole Haan reflective oxfords? Totally my new go-to shoes!)

So money has bought me happiness in the form of a functional yet fashionable bike bag I can take anywhere! It’s also bought me those red shoes, my spearmint cords (love them too!), and these cute owl sandwich bags from Target: IMG_4643

See how easy it is to make me happy?

What have you bought recently that makes you totally happy and is worth the price? Bike-related or otherwise?