Thankful for Social Media

Many people I know, including friends younger than me (Millennials!) but not including my mother, don’t understand social media. They don’t want to be on Facebook, see no use for Twitter, and are marginally interested in Instagram. They claim that they have nothing to Tweet, nor care for the prattling of people they know, let alone people they don’t know. Blogging is too much work.

I, however, am thankful for social media. It has expanded my world more than I could have ever expected back in 2007 when I joined Facebook. I’ve reconnected with friends from my hometown, from my days of local theater, stayed connected with friends as we move around the world, stayed on top of current events, and met many people who are smart, interesting, interested in similar things, creative, talented, worldly, engaged, involved and inspiring. My interactions with them have expanded my horizons, inspired me to push my limits, and offered me opportunities to engage. I firmly believe that I bike differently and sew better because of my internet relationships.

So this Thanksgiving, while I am thankful for my family, friends, husband, health, prosperity, awesome job and work family, and safe, stable environment, I want to express my thankfulness for everyone whom I touch, frequently and infrequently, through social media. Thank you for your involvement in my life. Thank you for helping me grow.

I'm nuts about you all!

I’m nuts about you all!

Thankful for You

I have much to be thankful for this year:

Getting Married

I am thankful that not only did The Mechanic and get married this year, that we were able to celebrate with our closest family and friends. Having a small wedding meant being able to truly enjoy everyone who attended, and that made the day truly special and memorable. Wedding PhotoOur Amazing Honeymoon

Our three-week trip through Europe was such an amazing adventure, and I can’t wait to bike through Europe again! I am so thankful that we had the ability to be gone for three weeks, since it will be a while before we will have that much time off together again! Konstanz


Although I haven’t touched my road bike all year, I am still thankful for the biking I have done, and look forward to planning a few half-centuries next year. Biking is still my commute mode of choice, a lifestyle I prefer, a way to stay healthy(ier), a fun way to get around, and heck, a fun thing to style. I hope that I’ll be biking as long as I live, and I will be thankful every year I’m able to. Iladora Top 3Sewing

Even with wedding planning, the wedding and a long trip, I am very pleased with the number of sewing projects I was able to complete this year. I am thankful that I’ve picked up this hobby again, and have turned it into something useful, something that combines my love of fashion with my interest in biking. I’m thankful that I found a way to funnel my creative energies! Fake Fur_TinLizzie


I am thankful for all of you read my blog, and comment and like posts. It’s a nice way to feel connected to a bigger thing, to feel a sense of community. When I was young, I wanted to be a writer, but grew to feel that “everything” was written about, and there was no reason for me to keep it up. Blogging has enabled me to return to that first dream, and I’m beginning to write for others. If you haven’t ready my latest post for The Discerning Cyclist, check it out, and be sure to read my tips for stylish cold weather biking on the Bike Pretty blog. Hopefully there will be more where that comes from.


We may not have ever met. We might “chat” via Twitter or this blog. We might have been friends a long time ago, friends who haven’t talked in ages. We might chat all the time, and you just like to read what I write and share in my adventures. And to my family, most of whom live far far away, and my new family, who live closer, I am so happy, thankful, and grateful to have you in my life. No matter what our relationship might be, I value it. It is part of what makes me who I am, and for that, I am thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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