Love the One You Wear

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and some of my favorite blogs are full of great Valentine’s Day themes, and I had to share.

I love all the gift ideas in Bike Pretty’s two “last minute” blog posts (here and here) – hint hint hint…

And Bikeyface’s Valentine’s Day cartoon pretty much sums up The Mechanic and I – just toss in a few other oft-repeated topics (rabbits and motorcycles), and cheese and crackers, and that’s pretty much our days! Thanks Bikeyface!

And here I am, in love with my new reflective leg warmers. I feel a bit selfish.bikes 001My mom made these for me, at my request, so in a way, this is about love…

She found this great reflective thread/yarn stuff, but I don’t remember where, and since she’s currently on a cruise, I can’t ask her. But I’ll report on it when she gets back.

My mom had almost finished one when we were at Disney World in December, and the package with both of them arrived last week, with an Agent P Valentine’s Day card (how can you not love a pet platypus that moonlights as a secret agent?!). bikes 004They are nice heavy gray yarn, something not wool, since I can’t wear that, and machine washable, since I assume they’ll eventually need to be washed. Today was warm enough to wear a dress to work, so it was the perfect opportunity to wear them. I took them off once I got to work, quite pleased with how warm they are. I suspect I’ll wear them often this spring.

bikes 003I’ll have to get better photos at another point; I had to drag The Mechanic out of bed to take pictures.

But not only did I love wearing them, I love that my mother made them for me, I am proud of her talent, and thankful that she’s willing to do crazy stuff like this for me! Even though she is currently cruising the world, and lives in California, wearing something she made me means I always have her with me – so I really do love what I wear.

Happy Valentine's Day from Our Bike Household to Yours!

Happy Valentine’s Day from Our Bike Household to Yours!