At the Milan Spring/Summer 2016 Fashion Week, Jeremy Scott for Moschino surprised reflective fashion fans by sending his hommage to safety gear down the runway.

Love all this! ---> Jeremy Scott for Moschino (Photo from Milan Fashion Week website)

Love all this! —> Jeremy Scott for Moschino (Photo from Milan Design Agenda website)

Moschino is a label known for it’s tongue-in-cheek haute couture, for better or for worse, and I of course love the hi viz/reflective styles. That skirt doesn’t look bike-friendly but the rest of it does!

Instead of expensive fashion for biking, here are some more approachable, affordable reflective fashions that I have been eyeing this fall so far:

  • Tira Radiant Accessories, Iceland – Designer Alice Olivia Clarke, Canadian-born, but currently residing in Reykjavik, started designing her clever, stylish and adorable reflective accessories after realizing how hard it is to see pedestrians in the dark. Of course, The Mechanic and I are going to Iceland in early 2016, so I hope to find this brand and buy something, but for now, I’m happy watching the brand grow. The loop necklace is amazing, be sure to check out the video of it in action on her Facebook page.
  • Another fun reflective dress-up option are the wonderful Nebula necklaces from Lara Knutson. I’d sure love one of those! Or the bracelets. Check out all of her items, especially the ones with the stones.
  • I just bought this adorable and reflective kids’ backpack from Canadian company Herschel. Seriously, it’s teeny-weeny but I love it! Sometimes you just don’t need a full-size backpack. I bought classic gray, but there is also a lavender version and a blue version.
  • However…. now that I have a cute mini-backpack, Bookman has teamed up with German company Notabag to create a useful hybrid totebag/backpack that is fully reflective. What?!??!? This is on my Christmas list for sure! (Hopefully The Mechanic is reading this….).  I love Bookman products anyway, and this is another win-win item, since it can be used by anyone. We walk to the grocery store, so this would be brilliant in the winter (pun intended, of course) for added visibility. I don’t trust the drivers around this area.

    Bookman reflective bag - brilliant!

    Bookman reflective bag – brilliant!

  • My aunt got a pair of Berne Mev reflective shoes, inspired by me, of course! I had no idea Berne Mev made reflective shoes, although to be honest, it’s not a brand I’ve paid much attention to. I hunted around and had a hard time finding any left that I like. Alas, at $90, I probably won’t get these, but I love the idea!
  • In the sports clothing category, Athleta has a few pairs of reflective running tights. With a fleece lining, I can see wearing these under skirts and dresses well into deep winter, then taking them off once I arrive at the office. Having the design go all the way down the leg (at least, that’s what appears to be going on in that pattern), means that the important and fun reflective bits would always show.
  • Title Nine has a pair of pants that claim to be reflective but I’m not 100% sure how reflective they are. The Downtown Velo Pant claims to have reflectivity on the “down low” but I only see a bit of reflective piping on the calf – I had hoped the print fabric was reflective. Oh well.

I love seeing all the different way that designers are incorporating reflective materials into their work. Of course, this is not an exhaustive list, and there are other fun ways to make yourself more visible in the dark hours. If you run across something I haven’t seen yet, please share! Happy Flashing! Being Flashy


4 thoughts on “Trends in Reflective: Fall Roundup

  1. I love the moschino jacket! I would wear that. By the end of October in the UK it will be dark at 5pm when I leave work. I haven’t yet got out my hi-vis safety vest yet but even though I hate the look and fit of it I’ll need to start wearing it.
    Have you seen the new Sewaholic Cypress Cape pattern? It seams for reflective piping but there is scope to add more reflective to it. I’m having thoughts about making it.

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